Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available to help answer questions you may have regarding Hilton Worldwide's intention to begin necessary steps for Hilton Grand Vacations to become an independent, publicly traded company. For additional inquiries, please submit your question to

Is Hilton Grand Vacation still a part of Hilton Worldwide?

Once the process is complete, Hilton Grand Vacations will become an independent, publicly traded company and benefit from an exclusive affiliation and license agreement with Hilton Worldwide allowing continued access to Hilton's commercial services and brand.

Will Hilton Grand Vacations retain its name?

The Hilton Grand Vacations brand will not change. The Hilton values and standards are cornerstones of our business and critical elements in both our historical and future successes. To ensure we maintain strong connections with the Hilton brand, our company will operate with an exclusive, long-term license agreement with Hilton Worldwide.

Who will be the leader of the new company?

Mark Wang, Hilton Grand Vacation’s current President, will serve as President and CEO of the new company. Mark brings decades of timeshare leadership experience and success.

When will this change take place?

This will not happen immediately, but the process is expected to be complete by the end of this year.

Why is the company choosing to take this action?

This decision is highly beneficial to both Hilton Grand Vacations and Hilton Worldwide as it creates dedicated management teams with the resources needed, specific to each business, to take advantage of tremendous growth opportunities.

What does it mean to become an independent, publicly traded company?

The creation of an independent company (i.e., Hilton Grand Vacations), which was once a division of a parent company (i.e., Hilton Worldwide), occurs when ownership is dispersed among the general public in shares of stock that are freely traded on a public stock exchange.

Will HGV properties still be listed on

HGV properties will still be listed on

How does this affect my ownership?

There will be no changes to your ownership.

How does this affect my HHonors membership?

This does not affect your HHonors membership.

Will there be any changes to my fees?

There will be no changes to your fees attributed to this transaction.

How will I be notified of changes in the future?

We will continue to update you in all the current ways you have chosen for us to contact you.